Graduate Student Information







As graduate students, and members of the YorkU community, you are eligible to access a number of resources on and off campus. We’ve put together some of the opportunities we’ve learned about and made them available to you. See below for a list of resources that may be of interest to you,

DEM Lounge
There is a small lounge in the basement of Atkinson Building available for students in the DEM program. The lounge is located in room 044 in the Atkinson Building.  There is also a small kitchen with access to a sink, fridge and microwave near by. Please advise, the door locks automatically after 7:00pm (which means, once you leave the door to enter the hallway, you will not be able to come back in). To obtain the passcode to room, please email:

EM Computer Lab
The lab is available to graduate students in the MDEM program exclusively. Located in room 2004 TEL Building, students have access to computers and a printer. For room access, please email:

Graduate Student Reading Room
On the fourth floor of Scott Library (Room 409), there is a Graduate Student Reading Room.  The room has tables, chairs, computers and printers. The room is only accessible to graduate students at York University. You will need a passcode to enter the room, which changes weekly. To obtain the passcode to the room, please visit the York Library site.

Metropass for Students
Full-time students are eligible for a student metropass available through the York Federation of Students. Please visit the YFS page for more information.

YU CARD & Discounts Around the City
Your YU Card is your student ID card. This is also used as your library card, and used for printing and purchasing food for places on campus.  Make sure to pick up your YU Card as soon as possible. As well, your YU Card can be used around Toronto to get discounts.

York University Graduate Student’s Association (YUGSA)
YUGSA has a vast amount of resources and goodies available to graduate students. YUGSA assists with student advocacy, health plans, funding and host many events. Located in room 325 Student Centre, they are a group you should definitely check out. Please visit the YUGSA page for more information.